Operation Yellowhammer Leak Reveals No-Deal Planning

An eagle-eyed photographer snapped a copy of emergency plans which will come into effect if Britain crashes out of the EU without a deal. The plan has been given the code name ‘Operation Yellowhammer’, in reference to a bird whose song Enid Blyton said resembled: ‘a little bit of bread and no cheese’.

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World Stories You May Have Missed: August 2018

World stories you may have missed this month include: an Indian MP’s Hitler costume, a Minister’s cycle ride to give birth in New Zealand, and litter picking crows in France. This series highlights the more bizarre news stories which may have passed you by.

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World Plant Milk Day

The 22nd of August 2018 marks the second annual World Plant Milk Day, which aims to raise awareness of the expanding list of alternatives to dairy products. This year, Pro Veg UK and Plant Based News are running a campaign to encourage people to try giving up dairy for a seven-day challenge. Increasing rates of people all across the world are making the decision to switch from animal to plant milk due to its impacts on consumers’ health, the environment and animal welfare.

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This Week In British Politics: 8th-15th July

In the week that began with multiple ministerial resignations, May’s Brexit negotiating stance was finally unveiled. Donald Trump made ‘fake news’ having allegedly criticised Prime Minister Theresa May, whilst he was distanced from hundreds of thousands of protesters.

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EU Withdrawal Bill Amendments Day

On the twelfth and thirteenth of June I contributed to the Wessex Scene’s live coverage of the EU Withdrawal Bill’s progression through the House of Commons. If you are interested, the coverage can be found on the website. I have provided a summary of the events below, in case you want to save some of your time.

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Nut Free Easter Chocolate 2017

Despite there being endless types of chocolate eggs for sale, it can seem difficult finding any which are free from nuts. Large hollow eggs appear to be almost no go zones as they either contain nuts or have a standard ‘may contain’ label. However, Kinnerton produce a variety of eggs which are made in factories free from cross-contamination and are therefore a safe option. Kinnerton also, produce some Magnum Easter eggs.

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