Politics Simplified: Universal Credit

Universal Credit was championed by the former Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith. He sought to incentivise work and simplify the benefits system by combining tax credits, unemployment and housing benefit into a single means-tested monthly payment. However, the result has been less money for vulnerable people to live on, with the Trussell Trust reporting a 52% increase in food bank usage across areas in which this welfare reform has been implemented. Therefore it is unsurprising that there have been cross-party calls for either reforms or replacement of Universal Credit.

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A Guide to Southampton Politics

The universal adult franchise only sprung into existence in this country in the twentieth century. This democratic revolution was the product of protest, torture and the deaths of countless activists, who fought tirelessly for a right that is now taken for granted. Electoral turnouts in the UK are shamefully low, which is made clear by a general disinterest in local elections and the infamous indifference of younger generations. I find it frustrating whenever I come across anyone who has failed to register to vote – especially when they happen to be studying a politics degree like me. I hope that this guide persuades you to vote, and that you will finish reading with a better understanding of who represents you in Southampton.

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Southampton City Council AI Scrutiny Panel: How AI, Robots and Technology Will Transform Southampton’s Employment By 2030

On Thursday the 20th of September, the first of six monthly scrutiny inquiry panels began discussing how Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics and technology will impact the future of work in Southampton and beyond.

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Operation Yellowhammer Leak Reveals No-Deal Planning

An eagle-eyed photographer snapped a copy of emergency plans which will come into effect if Britain crashes out of the EU without a deal. The plan has been given the code name ‘Operation Yellowhammer’, in reference to a bird whose song Enid Blyton said resembled: ‘a little bit of bread and no cheese’.

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World Stories You May Have Missed: August 2018

World stories you may have missed this month include: an Indian MP’s Hitler costume, a Minister’s cycle ride to give birth in New Zealand, and litter picking crows in France. This series highlights the more bizarre news stories which may have passed you by.

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World Plant Milk Day

The 22nd of August 2018 marks the second annual World Plant Milk Day, which aims to raise awareness of the expanding list of alternatives to dairy products. This year, Pro Veg UK and Plant Based News are running a campaign to encourage people to try giving up dairy for a seven-day challenge. Increasing rates of people all across the world are making the decision to switch from animal to plant milk due to its impacts on consumers’ health, the environment and animal welfare.

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